Thank you for choosing our small business for your camping needs! If you are familiar with a PopUp, most of this information should be familiar but we would like to provide a point of reference for our Renters using our equipment.

Driver's Side of Camper

Located on the driver's side are the hookups for water and electric. Camper is powered off of 30 Amp Electric.

Passenger's Side of Camper

Located on the passenger's side is the door for the unit, underneath is a metal lockbox that contains some leveling blocks and the hand crank used for stabilizing jacks and opening the unit.

Once you have unhitched the camper from your hauling vehicle, unlock the four flap locks on each corner of the unit and retrieve the hand crank and leveling blocks from the black lockbox under the door. You may also begin water and electric hookups at this time.

Stablizing Jacks

There are four stabilizing jacks located on each corner of the unit, use the provided blocks to ensure the unit is level and reduce strain on stabilizers by not requiring them to be lowered all the way. There are additional orange blocks located within the unit if necessary.

Slot to Open Unit at Rear

Use the hand crank to slowly open the unit, you should hear a winding noise and feel slight resistance while raising the unit up. This allows the unit to catch itself in the event of not opening the top all the way. 

If you do not feel any resistance or hear a winding noise, that means the unit was closed too tightly previously and the pully system has been unalligned. In order to fix this, the top must be raised all the way to the top until it locks into place, this needs to be done in one continuous motion because the unit will not catch itself if not raised completely to the top. Please keep this in mind when closing the unit, if it is closed too tightly it can cause issues for the next time it is opened.

Once unit has been stabilized and opened completely, you may enter the unit and begin the set up from the inside out. Begin by lifting the cooktop and sink to the top of the counter and pushing the beds out until they lock into place, use the metal bars to push out the metal frames for the canvas above each bed. On the outside there will be black bars used to support each of the beds, secure those in to place and connect the bottom of the canvas to the hooks underneath the bed.

Inside the unit are additional items to be placed outside.

Air Conditioning Unit

The support for the air conditioner should be place on the exterior of the unit, the top should fit in to the top of the unit between the side and the canvas. The air conditioner should fit securely in the wooden support. There is an exterior extension cord located in the unit that is used to plug in the air conditioner.

Slide Out Jacks

In the unit are two freestanding slide out support jacks, we recommend both jacks be placed under the larger of the two beds within the spaces indicated with marker. This provides additional support and stability for the unit as well as reduces the strain on the tracts for the bed.

Next the door can be lowered and the PopUp is ready to go!

Located in the storage under the dinette benches are some additional items that can be used during your stay.

Sun Reflectors

We have custom made some sun reflectors that slide perfectly into the screens for the following windows: Kitchen side, passenger side above cabinets, below air conditioner, and one for each end screen in the bedrooms. These can be easily placed by unzipping the clear plastic part of the canvas, placing the reflectors in, and zipping back up around them. On hot days, these really come in handy and can easily be removed to allow a cool breeze in at night.

Additional Supplies

The smaller of the two beds has some buckles on the top left side where the curtains should be, there is a gray Coleman organizer that attaches there to allow for additional storage.

The burner for the outdoor kitchen is located at the bottom of the supplies.

Within the tote are extension cords, 50 Amp to 30 Amp Adapter, Water Hose, Hose for Grey Water (sink water), and Plug in Fan/Light.

If you have plugged in the unit and are experiencing electrical issues, check the breaker box located under the bench of the dinette that is closest to the smaller bedroom.

Mini Fridge

 The Mini Fridge is fully functional, but it does take a couple of hours to get cool, this process can be sped up if you place your cool drinks in there and leave the door closed for as long as possible. 

The fridge can be run off of three different power methods, there is not a battery for the unit, so it does not run off of that. The most common way it is run is off of the electric hookup done by connecting the unit to the 30 Amp plug in at your site. 

On the driver's side are two panels, the bottom one is where the power source for the mini fridge is, make sure the large, green button is placed to ON, and the mini fridge should begin cooling within an hour.

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