About Us

We are an outdoor-loving family from Northeast Missouri, our goal is to make camping and enjoying the outdoors an accessible option to as many individuals and families as we can.

When we decided to purchase our first camper, before making this large purchase we wanted to rent a travel trailer just to get a better understanding of what all it entails. We quickly found that no service like this was available in our community and continued with the large purchase anyway. This was a decision that neither one of us took lightly, but felt we had no other options to determine if the RV life was for us. We do not regret our decision but would like to provide an option for others who may be in the same position.

There are so many other obstacles associated with camping and owning an RV that makes it difficult to purchase. Financing difficulties, unavailable storage facilities, and unsure beginners are just a few; our goal is to make camping and RVing an option for all families to enjoy!